During the season the quizzes are password protected and are for use in MSQ matches on the dates stated in the file names.

Half of the password will be sent to a home team representative, and half to an away team representative before the match.  These can be combined to open the document at the start of the match.

The quizzes below are password protected before matches and are for use in MSQ competitions on the dates stated in the file names. After the match has been played the password may be removed and the questions made available for general download.

It is recommended that the file is downloaded by the home team in advance to mitigate against poor or non-existent phone or internet signals at the quiz venues. You should also ensure that your device is fully charged, or that you take a charger with you to the venue.

For tablet devices such as iPads or Android tablets you should touch and hold down the link and you should get a popup menu that allows you to "Save Link" (Android) or "Add to reading list" (iPad*). The Reading List on the iPad can be found in the Bookmarks in Safari. On a PC, right click on the link and choose "Save target as" or "save link as". 

NB Since a recent iOS upgrade it appears no longer possible to download encrypted pdfs onto iPads and access them later without wifi or 3G/4G. A solution is to download at home or work on a desktop/laptop and then email the quiz as an attachment to yourself. The attachment will open offline and the password can be entered as before.

You will need an application on your device that will allow you to open files in Adobe PDF format. Most devices will already have this, but a visit to your app store will usually allow you to find a free application. PC and Apple Mac users can download reading software from the Adobe website.

You can download a match scoresheet from here:

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