Competition Rules

Quizzes are to be played on a Monday evening, beginning at 8.30pm, with an allowance of 15 minutes.  After fifteen minutes’ delay, the non-offending team have the right to claim the match. 

The home team is expected to provide a question person.

Each quiz is comprised of seventy questions, asked to teams of up to six people. The team to whom the question is addressed are given thirty seconds to confer before answering, for one point.  If they answer incorrectly or fail to answer, the opposition are given a further ten seconds to answer for a bonus point. The questions are directed to a team until they answer one correctly, at which point play switches and the questions are directed to the opposite team; when they answer one correctly, play switches again.

In the event of a dispute on the validity of a question, the team captains must agree before the next question how the point is to be awarded; captains may either consult a reference to clarify the answer, or simply decide that the question will be replaced by one of the spare questions provided with the quiz.  In the unlikely event of several disputes, and there being insufficient spare questions, the offending question will be dropped and the overall number of valid questions reduced accordingly.

Results should be sent by email or text on the evening of the quiz to Angela Doyle - or 07930748702.  Please also include the score which both teams awarded the question set, so that we can give feedback to the question setters.

Winning teams will be awarded two league points, with one league point being awarded to each team in the event of a draw.

At the end of the season, the team with the most league points will be declared league champions.  In the event of a tie, the team who have scored more points during the season will be the winner.  If the number of points scored by tying teams is also equal, the team with the greater positive difference between their points scored and the points scored against them will be the winner. If even this is not enough to break the tie, the winning team will be the team which won in the fixture between the two tied teams.