This is just to confirm dates for the Summer League and deal with a few other preliminaries before we start the season.

We’ll begin the season on Monday June 2nd for a Grand Prix, at Aigburth People’s Hall, Aigburth Vale, Liverpool, L17 0DJ.  The evening will begin at 8pm.  On that night, as well as playing the Grand Prix, we’ll distribute fixtures, contact information and questions, and collect subs.  Owing to a reserve from last season, we’re able to reduce the subs this year to £20 per team.

The season will then run every Monday for nine weeks, and end with another Grand Prix on August 4th.

MQL are keen to investigate electronic question distribution, which is used in the Quiz League of London, and saves considerable expense as well as not being at the mercy of the post!  We’ve agreed to pilot electronic distribution alongside printed questions this summer.  This will give us, and MQL, a chance to see what issues might be raised and also hopefully give us evidence with which to convince anybody who is reluctant to make the switch.

The system will be explained fully at the Grand Prix, but basically the quiz is sent by email or posted online as a password protected pdf file available for download on the day of the quiz.  The sixteen-character password is split in two, with eight characters sent to the home team, and eight to the away team by email or text.  On arrival at the venue, the two halves of the password are entered and the quiz is opened to be read from whatever device is to be used.  While teams would need a laptop or tablet to read the quiz, since it can be downloaded ahead of time, there is no need for internet access at the venue.

We propose that a small number of teams will have electronic questions at their home games, but this will potentially involve all teams at some point in the season.  For this reason, we will need an email address and/or mobile number for two members of each team, so that the password can be sent in order to access the questions; of course at least one of these two players must be in attendance at any relevant game.  If any team is particularly keen to be among those receiving questions electronically, let us know.  We’ve had a couple of offers already, but we’d like to have two games each week using electronic questions, so would welcome volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you on June 2nd,

Angela & Brian